Past CME Courses

CME Teaching Courses

5th Southeastren Pediatric Nephrology Working Group (SEPNWG) Meeting  
22-25 April  2015 ,Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovin

ESPN 2014 Porto Annual Meeting CME credit sessions

ESPN  Working Group CAKUT/UTI/Bladder Dysfunction
Giovanni Montini - Urinary Tract Infections in Children with CAKUT and Introduction of the PREDICT Trial
Karjlin Van Stralen - Progression of Renal Insufficiency in Children with CAKUT – Results of the ERA-EDTA Registry

ESPN Working Group  CKD and  Metabolic Bone Disease
Sevcan Bakkaloglu - Bone Biopsy: Uses and Limitations  
George Reusz - Assessment of Vessels in CKD 
Franz Shaefer - Bone and Vessels in CKD: How to Take Care for Both

ESPN Working Group CKD-MBD Vasculopathy in CKD
Fernando Santos - Growth in Renal Diseases
Rukshana Shroff - Vitamin D - Is This The New Wonder Drug We Have All Been Waiting for?

ESPN  Working Group Dialysis
Fabio Paglialonga - Clinical and Technical Aspects of Hemodialysis in Small Children 
RukshanaShroff - Hemodiafiltration Principles and Advantages Over Conventional HD 
Michel Fischbach - Importance of Varying Dwell Time and Fill Volume to Optimize Volume Control in Children on Peritoneal Dialysis

ESPN Working Group Inherited diseases
Nicholas Webb - Case Presentation: Extra-renal Manifestations of Cystinosis
Martine Besouw - Bone disease in cystinosis
Susmito Biswas - Ocular complications of cystinosis
Francesco Emma - Renal Dysfunction in Methyl-Malonic Acidurias

ESPN Working Group Nephrotic Syndrome
Nicholas Webb - Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome of Immune Origin; Strategies to Stop The Disease Steroid Therapy at The First Flare     
Jerome Harambat - Cyclophosphamide in Nephrotic Syndrome


Dr.Larisa Prikhodina have organized the IPNA-ESPN teaching course in Moscow,  October 22-24 2013.

IPNA-ESPN Teaching Course, Moscow, 2013


IPNA/ESPN teaching course:"Pediatric Nephrology: evidence based statements and open questions


2013 web based CME Courses:

4 Paediatric Nephrology Symposia organized by the ESPN at the ERA-EDTA 50th Congress in Istanbul, May 2013.


CME 7.1

Follow up in adult life of children with UTI (Sverker Hansson)

Acute pyelonephritis in adults (Cristiana Rollino)

Antibiotic treatmentfor UTI in children : results from a systemic review(Kjell Tullus)

CME 7.2

Fluid overload control : drugs and dialysis choices (Etienne Javouhey)

Early dialysis treatments : how early it should be (Stefano Picca)

Early diagnosis of acute renal failure in children (Johan Vande Walle Walle)

CME 7.3

The best practice to allow children with ESRD to attain normal final height (Amira Peco Antic)

Hyperparathyroidism refractory to treatment : paratiroidectomy (Velibor Tassic) 

CME 7.4

Nutrition in children with ESRD (Marjolein Bonthuis)

Henoch Schönlein purpura nephritis and IgAN: differences between children and adults (Jean Claude Davin)

Graft loss in children with a kidney transplant (Franz Schaefer)





  •  The aim of the Society is to promote research knowledge of paediatric nephrology through teaching, scientific meetings and other methods, for the benefit of children with renal disease.

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