Establishment of ESPN Scientific Working Groups (WG)

To encourage research, communication and education in the field of Pediatric Nephrology as part of a pan-European network.

·         In Europe there are several initiatives / cohort studies / registries which have been developed by active Pediatric Nephrologists with the aim of gathering a sufficiently large group of children with rare conditions to allow studies of genetic background, clinical data, outcome and therapeutic approaches. 
·         These initiatives are highly appreciated by the ESPN and we now want to advance this work by facilitating a comprehensive European network creating increased visibility and collaboration with IPNA and the ERA-EDTA. The hope is to also promote academic activities in areas not yet covered. 
·         The ESPN has to take a clear lead position in promoting these initiatives as true pan-European Pediatric Nephrology activities.

Potential benefits for the ESPN 
·         Improve its scientific reputation 
·         Facilitate young members in addressing individual scientific activities 
·         Offer to industries the possibility to facilitate trials or studies 
·         Expand ESPN/ERA-EDTA Registry activities 
·         Improve scientific relationships with ERA-EDTA and IPNA

Potential benefits for a WG 
·         Improve its visibility (ESPN website link to existing web page, help in creating WG webpage) 
·         Improve patients’ enrolment in ongoing studies 
·         Facilitate dissemination of results 
·         Promotion of CME courses 
·         Official  endorsement of WG activities by the ESPN 
·         There will be no scientific interference by the ESPN Council, but rather a support for propagation of results in Europe  via ERA-EDTA and world-wide via  IPNA

Additional common benefits 
·         Establishing a liaison with the ERA-EDTA WGs and Registry with expanded visibility 
·         Possibility to increase fundraising for specific projects

WG structure

Each WG will consist of a Scientific Board made up of five Members (among them one Chairperson for 3 year service and one young member < 35 yrs). After 3 years, there will be a partial renewal of the board; maximum duration of each position is 6 years.

In addition, each WG will include: one member of the ESPN/ERA-EDTA Registry (for contacts with ESPN/ERA-EDTA Registry, maximum term 3 years), one member of the ESPN Council (who will be in charge of contact with the ESPN Council until she/he is in service in the Council) and one expert in the area to liaise with ERA-EDTA (maximum term 3 years).

In total WG board will consists of 8 members.

In 2013 the ESPN Council is launching a call for the following 7 WGs:

1.       transplantation

2.       dialysis

3.       CKD-MBD

4.       CAKUT/UTI/bladder dysfunction

5.       inherited renal disorders

6.       idiopathic nephrotic syndrome

7.       immune-mediated renal disorders. 

The existing collaborative groups are welcome to enter ESPN WGs or to apply for ESPN endorsement.

Applications: Applications can only be made by an active ESPN member after completing  of the form.

Application forbecoming a Member of WG Click here

Financial support: The ESPN will provide a room for WG meetings during ESPN congresses. The WGs receive a basic financial support for their activities which must be used for scientific and/or educational projects of the WGs only.

Job description: To organize meetings, link with ERA-EDTA working group, organize CME courses, develop new studies in specific areas, report to ESPN council.


  •  The aim of the Society is to promote research knowledge of paediatric nephrology through teaching, scientific meetings and other methods, for the benefit of children with renal disease.

  •  World Kidney Day activities in ESPN Centres

  • ESPN Research Grant 2014 ; the call is closed & the results were announced at ESPN General Assembly Meeting in Porto.

  • If you wish to join the PEDNEPH forum then e mail your details to

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