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Our CME team scans the literature and provides links to 3-5 relevant articles each month. Key papers (original articles or reviews) that are of particular relevance to our specialty are included. We will follow a ‘themed approach’ with relevant publications from each Working Group in turn. Here are some important papers on paediatric dialysis – we hope that you will find them useful, and consider them in your regular clinical practice.

Journal Club January 2017

Themes: Idiopathic Nephrotic syndrome

Journal Club October 2016
What’s Hot What’s New - Updates From the Ipna 2016 Meeting

Idiopathic Nephrotic syndrome
Immune mediated renal disorders 
Inherited and structural kidney diseases

Journal Club September 2016
Themes: UTIs and bladder dysfunction


Journal Club July-August 2016
Themes: Immune Mediated Renal Disorders


Journal Club May 2016
Themes: CAKUT, UTI and bladder disorders


Journal Club February 2016
Themes: CKD mineral and bone disorder


Journal Club December 2015
Themes: Inherited Kidney Disease
  A survey from the ESPN Transplant working group


Journal Club November 2015
Theme : CAKUT 

Journal Club October 2015
Theme : CKD-MBD and Transplant 

Journal Club September 2015
Theme : Dialysis


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